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Fashion show

There are many words that could concisely describe my first runway show experience. It was exhilarating, exciting, motivating, annoying, chaotic, tiring, overwhelming, inspiring and moving but not in that particular order. I arrived at the Yak bar in Flinders Lane around 5 pm, the actual event was supposed to start at 7 pm, so I felt it was little too early but I was surprised to find out that the models have been there since 1 pm. Lauren Aitken from Scene Model Management was the first one to greet me, we have not seen each other since the photo shoot we were involved in with amazing photographer Josie Lee about a year (or more) ago but it was as if we saw each other few days ago and I was so comfortable talking with her and her equally gorgeous fiancée Jarrod, which is very unlike me, I would have felt slightly out of place with a tall, slender, and beautiful young lady and a tall, muscular and handsome young man but there is something about Lauren and Jarrod that puts people at ease, they are not at all intimidating, on the contrary, they are very inviting and warm but still with the strong presence one would expect from great models. I guess only the truly confident people can manage to combine the best of seemingly contradicting traits. Anyway, after I was done with admiring the beautiful couple, we went inside so that I can try some of my garments on Lauren. I wanted Lauren to open and close my show, and I had the line up in my mind but as Lauren tried my garments one by one, how I wanted my show to unfold slowly changed. Lauren looked good in everything and there is no way to describe how I felt when I saw her walking in my pink fairy floss gown and cream Heart of the Christ gown. It was very difficult to find other models to fit my garments; most of them were being fitted by someone else, who was not letting the models go until they tried at least 3 or 4 garments and save their runway walk and some of them were still in hair and make up. I couldn't find most of the models I have fitted on Friday, and the 7 pm was approaching at a frightening pace. Feeling the first rush of anxiety and panic, I ran across the room looking for models, and I found one sitting right next to my entourage. The model's name was Georgiana (hopefully I got the spelling right). She was tall and slender, and she had amazing look. She had fresh baby face but there was something slightly sinister and dangerous about her look, Innocence and seductiveness was melted into one. I asked Georgiana to put on my purple boucle dress with faux leather bow details on the sleeves. The sweetness of the dress and Georgiana was balanced with her darker side and the deep colour of the dress, the contradiction that I immediately fell in love with. I decided to put her in the denim coat dress with apron and pink frilled neck-piece, Georgiana could add some depth to the garment which could very well have looked too sweet and adolescent and black boucle top and maxi dress to bring out her dangerous side. After a thankfully brief encounter with quite unpleasant and aloof female model, I found Tina and snatched her right away to my little corner of the bar. Tina's beautifully dark skin contrasted very well with pastel colours, which I learned from the previous fitting. I gave her the fringed evening gown and a dress, I was also pleasantly surprised to see how darker colours suit her wonderfully, so I decided to give her the black coat with zipper detail. I was able to find Fi, and I gave her one of my favourite look of the collection; printed silk blouse with a choker, apron and chiffon skirt. I did not think I was very good at mixing colours and prints, but I thought although how the look was put together was quite eclectic, it somehow worked very well.
After fitting Fi, I had to move my garments to the runway backstage, because the guests started to pour into the bar. At that point I still had quite a few looks that I have not fitted on anyone, so I had my second rush of anxiety. Thankfully, jewelry designer Kusi Kim, who has provided me with beautiful pieces from her own collection as well as some original pieces specifically designed for my collection, helped me in organising the new line up and models. For the first time in few hours, I realised that I was nervous, I was quite shaky, and on that note it was the time for a glass of wine. There were loud musics spun by a dj and socialising, but only one thing was on my mind. I kept running back and forth form the bar to the runway to check every detail, I was so lucky to have Kusi to be there and help me out, I was busy running around but was not achieving much, it was Kusi who calmly organised everything and I realised how important it is to have a strong team of creative people with me. As far as I was concerned at the time, the garments were of less importance, without the helpers I had, I would not even be able to show them. Around 8 30 pm, people started lining up at the other end of the runway to get in, loud music started playing while ago but there was a crisis with the lighting and people were let in around 9 om. Considering the runway show was supposed to start at 8 pm, I thought we are starting at a very fashionably late time (I have been informed that many major fashion shows are rarely shown on time). Then finally, the show started. During the show, the backstage was truly chaotic. The backstage was not nearly big enough to accommodate models, designers, garments and helpers so everyone was squeezed in. There were models undressing (or more like being ripped away from the garments they were wearing) and models being dressed. There were designers frantically putting their looks together and helpers trying their best to not get in anyone's way ( which was extremely difficult considering the size of the backstage, everyone was in everyone's way). The audience would not have guessed what was going on in the backstage. Once the models were on the runway, they did not show any signs of confusion and completely professional. The music was perfect and the lighting looked amazing, the whole atmosphere was pitch perfect. After all the designers had their show, it was finally my turn. Felicity came to my rescue and pulled of two most difficult looks in my collection. If I thought helping other designers were chaotic, I was completely unprepared for the chaos I was about to witness. Most of the designers who stayed around helping others waiting for their own show have left to celebrate, and it was up to me, Kusi and the models to get the looks ready. I really cannot describe the whole process because I really do not remember anything, it was just one blur of flying garments and rushing models, but I would just like to say that most of the garments were wrecked during the ordeal. Almost at the end of my show, the music abruptly stopped and people started clapping, I took too long to prepare a model and the dj thought my show was over. my last and the worst rush of anxiety kicked in. The producer told me not to send anymore looks down the runway since the show was finished. I had only my best looks to show off and it looked like I wouldn't be able to. when I was just about to experience one of the greatest disappointment in years, Lauren told the producer that I needed to show all my collection and stormed out of the backstage, looking at her, I really thought God has sent me an angel, and I do not think anyone can argue with that. There were few seconds of initial shock and awkwardness from the audience and the dj when nobody really knew what was going on, but the music started playing again and and my show went on again. I quickly sent the models that were waiting down the runway and changed Lauren into the finale dress and I could not find a adequate word to say thank you ( I probably should have said thank you) because at that time, something so simple did not feel heart-felt enough for me. Then I made the biggest mistake. I was supposed to walk out with Lauren because I promised her that she would close the show, but I was totally caught up in the moment and ended up walking out with another model. I should have stayed calm and thought things through, there is no one to blame for my action but me. I was also horrified to know that no other designers before me walked the entire length of the runway (it still makes me cringe thinking about it, what would have other designers thought?). There was no way in knowing how the other designers finished their show and I just assumes, from all the fashion shows I saw on the internet, that was what all designers do at the end of their show. At the backstage when everything was over, I was overcome by joy and then embarrassment and then finally shame. I remembered about Lauren and how I should have acted.

I had a lot of fun during the whole process, I was extremely grateful for everyone involved with La Carte Blanche including Monique and Christian. I know as a student designer it is very difficult to be a part of a runway show and I was so thankful for the experience I was given. This was definitely a learning experience, there are still a lot that I have to get used to and be in control. I thought after the show I would be completely burnt out, and it was true that my body was very tired from all the late night sleeps and two in a row all-nighter sewing spree, but my mind was so inspired and motivated. I cannot help but feel that this was the first of many great runway shows of my own :)
Thank you again for everyone who was involved in my show.



Yak bar in the Flinders Lane, all the designers came early to fit the models.

I was excited to finally find an excuse to wear my John Galliano pants that I bought years ago

Fitting Lauren was extremely hard as she looked good in everything.

Runway Show

Images from www.fashionising.com
for full review and runway photos as well as other exclusive content, visit http://www.fashionising.com/pictures/b--Urban-Upbringings-laneway-runway-6404.html

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Fashion show diary-Fitting

would be lying if I said I was not intimidated today at the fittings for my first ever runway show. I arrived at the beautiful apartment building in South Yarra, I was so overwhelmed by the luxurious building and the amazing view!!(with the risk of sounding like such a dag). Monique kindly came down to greet us and we took the elevator to 12th floor where two models already made themselves comfortable and aquainted with each other, I nervously said hi, and tried to have a conversation but I really don't remember what I was talking about. I was about 10 minutes late, but I was glad to know that everybody was running late. I guess I was more nervous because I did not know what to expect from the other designers and the models, luckily, I was able to fit amazing models from Philip Darley Management. I was quite reluctant to be the first one to reveal my garments, as the designers arrived one by one curiously peeking at my garments as they come out one by one out of my painfully recognizable plastic garbage bags and especially after seeing how the other designers are dressed (looking professional and amazing in presumably their own designs). I know everyone was thinking that I looked like such a baby in my comfy jeans, school shoes and my blue jumper that I enjoy wearing purely because of its practicality, not for its aesthetic. I always thought as long as my designs are strong and unique, it would not matter how I looked, which is true, but as an aspiring young designer, I realised how important it is to present myself because it is the best I've got to advertise myself. After I got used to the environment, I was comfortable enough to ask each models to change up to three times and ask to see their walk, which was very exciting indeed. It gave me such a joy to see my garments come to life. Seeing them interact with poised and elegant walk of amazingly beautiful models made my heart jump, probably the reason why all my photos from today was blurry. I was able to breath a sigh of relief when I saw that all my garments fitted the models quite well, but I also had to come to terms with the fact that unlike many of my previous designs, the garments for the show lacked pizazz or the oomph. I really wanted this collection to be a well balanced fashion collection,I wanted to inspire but I also wanted people to see that these garments are for the real world. somewhere along the way, I think I focused more on the wearability of the designs. Two of the most fashionable people that came with me to the fitting to help me said that it was unlike me to have made something that are so commercial and that I really should think about the styling and possibly adding few new show-stopping garments. I thought I was completely ready for the runway show this Sunday but after the fitting, I realised that I still have a lot of work to do. I don't think I will be able to sleep until the runway date, but at least I will be happy drinking black coffees and staying up all night working on my garments. Seeing all the amazing garments of amzing designers around me made me feel little nervous but I took solace in the fact that all the designers' aesthetics were very different. One regret after seeing gorgeous male models is that I did not do any menswear :D
For more information about the fashion show, visit http://www.lacarteblanche.com.au/

one of my favourite looks of the collection, I love the combination of different prints and colours, which was something that I did not think I could do. The chiffon skirt moves beautifully!

Coat and skirt. the necklace was designed by Kusi Kim, my jewelry designer friend. This was the first look I fitted and I almost screamed when I saw it on beautiful Felicity.

Another seperates, the top was inspired by the 18th century court costumes of Versailles. I really like this look because I think it combines my inspirations without compromising the practicality of the garments.

Super long boucle coat with dress, I was worried about the length of the coat but I think it works because the model is amazingly tall.

ball gown with hand-painted bodice. I forgot to bring the petticoat, but I think it still looks amazing.

African Goddess!

2011년 3월 9일 수요일

Alexander McQueen 2011 Fall Pret-a-Porter

You can always rely on Alexander McQueen to spice up the fashion week!!
few of my favourite looks from this season's show!!
The word on the street is that Sarah Burton will be designing THE wedding dress for KAte Middleton

2011년 3월 6일 일요일

Givenchy 2011 Fall Pret-a-Porter

I don't know if it's the mix of print and colour or volume and proportion, but I am in LOVE with these looks from Givenchy!!!

2011년 3월 1일 화요일

Photoshoot Idea

Definitely gonna do something like this for my next photo shoot, with the equipments, landscape shots, spaces, close ups and lighting!!

Captures from Chanel 2009 Fall Pret-a-Porter Accesoires video