2010년 12월 30일 목요일

Leslie Knope for the President of the World!!!

2010년 12월 4일 토요일

Chanel 2011 Pre-Fall

Chanel 2011 Paris-Byzance Invitation. Image from http://chanel-news.chanel.com/
Chanel's Metier D'Art collection this year is set in Paris-Byzance!! or in English, Paris-Byzantine Empire. Oh it makes me sooooo excited just thinking about all the gold, deep navy blue, royal reds, brocades, velvets, furs, embroideries, beads, crystals, pearls and the luxury that will hopefully be in the show!!

2010년 11월 30일 화요일


Designed by Joseph Jang
Photographed by Tommy Ryan (http://www.modelmayhem.com/1223187)
Hair and Make up by Anthony Hungerford (http://www.modelmayhem.com/1470945)
Modeled by Sian Ella @ Cameron's Model Management

2010년 11월 25일 목요일

Photo Shoot

Yesterday morning, continuing downpour from the other day was not showing any signs of stopping. Walking out of my house with two large garment bags, each filled with 3 to 4 garments, I was slightly worried about the photo shoot I had organised with my fellow designer from AAD Lisa. We were supposed to have a location shoot around the botanical gardens for more edgy editorial images and then move on to more garment-focused studio shoot at PSC studio where the photographer of the day, Tommy used to study. It was my first experience of what the other photographers always used to tell me about, when you organise a location shoot, no matter how fine the weather was before hand, it will be raining or freezing or scorching or all of the above. I have been involved in quite a few photo shoots before but this was the first time that I organised it myself (I was usually contacted by a photographer who already had everything organised including model, hair and make up artist and etc). I had to look for the photographer, the model and the hair and make up artist and I was extremely grateful for all of them because it was a TFP shoot. Anyway, feeling slightly guilty for the weather and more so because I was 30 minuted late, I walked into the studio with Lisa who came out to the Arts Centre to pick me up because I was lost. I couldn't believe that everything came together in the end. There was no last minute cancellation or extreme lateness (except for myself) and everyone was available for the whole day. The model, the hair and make up artist, the photographer and his assistant were all there doing their things to get ready for the shoot, Tommy and his assistant was setting up the lighting equipments and getting the screens ready and Anthony the hair and make up extraordinaire was working on Sian the model from Camerons Modeling Agency's hair. The shoot started at 11am, with my Marie Antoinette-inspired coat dress with apron and ruffled neckpiece. It is always so exciting to see your creation come to life and there is always something very special about seeing everyone's own interpretation of my work and see their viion realised as well as mine. the shoot was wrapped up around 4 pm, and I was glad that I took the day off from work because everybody felt completely drained afterwards. For me, it was a great incentive and motivational boost, my body may have been tired, but my mind was so invigorated.

First look of the day, it is my personal belief that the models have the hardest job in a shoot. Although it was still raining, inside of the studio was quite warm. Sian had to wear my heavy coat dress in front of a burning light equipments in high heels but being a wonderfully professional model that she is, Sian never showed any signs of boredom, fatigue or lack of interest and maintained her willingness throughout the 7 hours photo shoot.

A hazy teaser of my favourite look of the day. This was the garment I was most worried about, I wasn't sure about the fit and I wasn't sure about the proportion because it was very long but ended up being most beautiful look of mine. The evening gown fitted Sian like a glove and the proportions od the long fringe details just worked, creating very elegantly long, lean and stremlined silhouette. This is why I love tall models, any proportion will work :D

The barbie doll look. I really loved the hair, which reminded me of Old Hollywood Ingenues. I was so grateful for all the shoes Lisa brought to the shoot because I didn't bring any (not that I had any fashionable women's shoes). Although we never discussed the shoes, what Lisa brought complemented my looks.

Unlike the models, designers have the easiest job at a photo shoot. We just dress the models and occasionally puff out any wrong folds and etc,,,

Hair and Make up artist Anthony Hungerford showed amazing creativity and versatility by redoing the hair and make up for each of the looks. They all looked very different from one another but still cohesive.


2010년 11월 13일 토요일

School Work 2010

I cannot believe that the uni is already almost over for the year (then again, I started 4 weeks after the second semester began). This semester, we had to create garments for almost all the classes. If it was just the garments we needed to make, I would not have had any trouble, but there were so many things to think about that I wasn't used to like customer profile. It was a great learning experience and I feel more valid as a designer now. I really love and am very proud of every garment I created for different subjects. I think I was able to incorporate everything I know about pattern making and sewing, and I was able to challenge myself to develop my skills further. I am also very happy that all of my garments will be submitted to most amazing international competiton, of which I will write a blog entry about when I receive my photos of the garments on a model on Tuesday.
Details and inspirations for the each garment will be posted with the photos as well.


Fashion design Practice

Visual Literacy

Fashion Design

2010년 11월 12일 금요일

Fashion Figure

B6, B4 pencil on paper

Fashion figure

2010년 11월 8일 월요일

Kate Moss

Coloured pencil on black paper

Kate Moss

2010년 11월 3일 수요일

2010년 11월 1일 월요일

New Work

Working on the garment until 5 am in the morning and getting only 2 hours of sleep. Perpetually pricking and cutting myself with pins, needles and other sharp objects. I live a charmed life.

I guess this is why I (and everyone else) do this.


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When I was young, I use to follow my mom when she went to shopping. My family was very wealthy back then and my mom knew how to spend. She used to shop at Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood and Armani (she didn't like Dolce & Gabbana beccause it was too cheap :P). As a young boy, I loved how intimate and pristine these boutiques were and most of all I loved asking for their catalogs. It wasn't so much that I had particular interest in fashion, it was just a natural part of my life because of my fashionable mother, but it was because of the fact that I loved books, magazines and any paper that was bound (and also because as a Korean, I LOVE free stuff :D). There is something very special about being able to smell the paper, feel it, look at it, and hold it in your arms. It is an experience and a ritual. Few years ago when I started to really devote myself to fashion, I realised how precious these catalogs were. All the catalogs I collected were long gone, but I could remember having them and looking at them. I went around the boutiques in Melbourne and asked for their catalogs, but with the advent of internet phenomenon and its widespread availability, no one was printing anymore. Often they would advise me to look at their websites, which was extremely disappointing.
Today I went to the Chanel boutique in Chadstone to apply for a job. While I was waiting for the manager sitting at the couch in the boutique, enjoying being surrounded by the luxurious atmosphere that is Chanel, I noticed a book. It was a collection of Chanel's ad campaigns for 2010 Fall collection featuring Melbourne's own Abbey Lee and forever Chanel girl Freja Beha. I love all the ad campaigns for high fashion brands such as Dior, Chanel and etc. They have real high fashion editorial qualities to them and when I touched the book, smelt the book and looked at the book, I was in the state of nostalgia. I was unsure whether it was there for people to take because the book looked quite expensive and because it was the only one there but I asked if I could take it home and the manager said of course. I was so happy to have it, I felt like I was the starry eyed kid with his mom on shopping again. I wish more brands printed their catalog again so that people can take them home, when I become a designer and own my own boutique, I will definitely make beautifully printed catalogs available so that everyone who comes to my boutique can experience and take little piece of luxury with them even if they can't afford to buy anything.


2010년 10월 6일 수요일

Alexander McQueen 2011 Spring Accessories

Sarah Burton did an amazing job keeping the legacy and the tradition of Alexander McQueen alive, but I still see the difference, which makes me very sad :(
The shoes were amazing!

2010년 10월 5일 화요일

Chanel 2011 Spring Pret-a-Porter

Chanel runway this season, EPIC!!!!

Chanel 2011 Spring Pret-a-Porter

Itsy bitsy Chanel for those tinie winie billionaire tots available next year!

Chanel 2011 Spring Pret-a-Porter

I NEED that umbrella! (drool) I wonder if you can close it...

2010년 10월 4일 월요일

Carolina Herrera 2011 Spring Ready-to-wear New York

(This was supposed to be uploaded before the New York fashion week was over :)
I usually don't have a look at the ready-to-wear shows until Paris fashion week is over (Ready-to-wear seasons begin in New York, then London, then Milan and finally Paris) because as far as I'm concerned, Paris is the place where all the great fashion happens (and London also). New York fashion shows are the ones I look at reluctantly when I have completely digested tiniest of details in Paris, London and Milan shows. After a while, I reach a stage where I need my fashion fix but cannot take anymore of the same shows I've been looking at. It's not that New York fashion is bad, it just that American fashion in general has very strong sports wear (I am sure all the fashion-aware readers will understand that when I say sports wear, I don't mean track suit pants and pair of Nike) tradition, which I could not care less. I do, however, love Ralph Lauren, and I feel slightly guilty to say this but I also keep up with Marchesa but other than the few, I don't pay much attention to the New York fashion week.
I was flicking through Style.com's fashion show coverage and came across an image that was so familar, it was a show inspired by Korean traditional clothes. I have been dreading over the non-existent Korean influences in fashion and kinda hoped that I was the first one to use it, but i was so happy to see fashion designer of Carolina Herrera's caliber being inspired by the culture I love and was brought up in. It was very much a Westerner seeing Asia with the Westerners' eyes, which was exciting especially for me because I know the culture so well, it was interesting to see how Carolina Herrera interpreted the inspiration.

I picked some designs that had stronger Korean aesthetics, what Magdalena has on is very much like what Korean traditional clothes for men look like (especially the hat)